GRMC began in 1989 as a collaboration between Dr David Orth and the Queensland AIDS Council to provide community based services for those afflicted, and those affected by HIV/AIDS in Brisbane.


At that time it filled a significant gap in service delivery and operated out of a community centre in Woolloongabba, staffed by volunteers and was known s the Gay and Lesbian Health Service. In 1990 it moved to its current premises in Highgate Hill and its brief widened to provide General Practice services  within the local  community of South Brisbane. Over the years it attracted many dedicated Doctors Nurses and Therapists who wanted to help alleviate the suffering of those affected by HIV/AIDS within a community setting. During the early years it was essentially a palliative care and sexual health screening/ treatment/ education service. As part of the Kirby Institue GRMC's patients and doctors were involved in many key HIV Therapy Studies, from INCAS, CAESAR, including SMART, ESPIRIT, and currently QPREP  and AHOD.

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As time passed and effective therapies were developed it became a highly credentialed center for treatment and care of those affected by and at risk of HIV/AIDS. By 2005 HIV infection had became a well understood chronic manageable illness and AIDS almost completely disappeared. With the crises over QUAC no longer saw itself as a Medical Provider and the clinic was sold to Dr David Orth. GRMC was then able to become a more typical general practice, providing general services to the wider community, as well as continuing to provide Sexual Health Services and treatment and care to people with HIV. Teaching medical Students and GP Registrars became part of GRMC's brief, allowing the culture and special expertise developed here to become more widely disseminated amongst Health Care services generally.

With time GRMC was transformed into the vibrant inner city General Practice it is today, well known for its high standards of evidence based care ,  tolerance, and accessibility for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or level of income. As GRMC nears the end of it's  third decade it continues to be able to attract  young talented Doctors and Nurses who help to meet our current challenges and who will take us forward into the future.