General Practitioners are the foundation of the modern health system and are your navigators through the health system. 

The GP can assess and manage any illness. Such management may include referral to a specialist Doctor or Allied Health Worker.

The GP can undertake mental health assessments and if appropriate refer you to a Psychiatrist, Psychologist/ Counsellor, or Mental Health Support Service.

Acute trauma, including lacerations, fractures, and wounds can usually be managed within the Medical Center. At times the GP may refer you to a hospital  if that is required.

ECG's, Spirometry and minor surgery are regularly performed within the Medical Center.

The GP can provide certificates/ reports for CentreLink, WorkCover, your employer, and your insurance provider ( usually not a service covered by Medicare).

You are encouraged to develop a therapeutic relationship with one doctor and continue to see that doctor for your care over time. Who you see is always your choice. However your preferred doctor will not always be available and at times you may need to see a different doctor on an interim basis.

Care is patient centered and you are encouraged to collaborate with your doctor in order  to make the best  decisions about your health. We encourage you to be  as informed as much as possible . 

GP's are acredited in a number of ways so that they maintain high professional standards and ongoing education. GRMC itself is accredited through AGPAL