Cancellations of Doctors and Nurses appointments must be made at least 4 hours prior to the booked appointment.  For morning appointments this means it needs to be cancelled on the day prior to the booked appointment. 

For appointments for  Psychotherapy we must receive at least 24 hours notice.

Otherwise a missed appointment/ late cancellation fee will be charged. Unfortunately there can be no Medicare rebate for this fee and GST must be charged in addition to the consultation fee. 

Generally the first time this happens the fee will be waived automatically and we will write to you with a detailed description of our policy.

We do not want to collect this fee. We want you to carefully consider your booking. Doctors and Psychologists are generally booked up well in advance of the day and often it is difficult for sick or distressed patients to get appointments on the day. 

We understand that this type of fee can be upsetting. We  have found that this is the only way to effectively reduce late cancellation and missed appointments.

This fee may still be waived on written application with a valid reason for cancelling at late notice. Fees are waived at the discretion of the doctor with whom you made the appointment.