General Policies regarding Private Fees and Bulk Billing

The Gladstone Road Medical Centre is a private clinic.

The fee for a standard 15 minutes consultation is $79.00 with a medicare rebate to you of $37.60.
Our fees are time and content based. If the consultation lasts less than 5 minutes you may be charged less. If the consultation lasts longer than 15 minutes you may be charged more. Generally if the consultation is longer you will be eligible for a bigger Medicare Rebate. The Medicare rebate can be paid back into your debit card account immediately via our IT systems as you prefer.
All appointments from 4.00pm every day and all appointments on Saturday morning are Privately Billed. If you wish to attend at these times and be bulk billed you need to organise this with your Doctor prior to the appointment. Please respect these ad hoc arrangements as a special service for those in genuine need for an urgent medical service.
Patients who present with a current Health Care Card will be bulk billed               ( 8.00am till 3.45pm  Monday to Friday). Unfortunately if you cannot present a current Health Care Card or if CentreLink has cancelled your Health Care Card then you will need to pay the private fee.  Additional services performed during the consultation that qualify for a Medicare Rebate i.e.  an ECG  or  excision of a skin lesion will usually be bulk billed.
Full time students under the age of 30 years are bulk-billed.
All patients under the age of 16 years are bulk billed.
We understand that at times you may be under a lot of financial pressure. If this is the case please discuss this with your doctor and it may be possible for a discount/ bulkbilled service to be provided.
See above for a full schedule of our Fees and Rebates.